About Us

A Clearwater Legend Since 1961


Established in 1961 by Bill O’Keefe, initially O’Keefe’s consisted of only the “Tap Room”, seating about 50 people. Bill’s son, Frank, was a member of the famous Outlaws Band, and O’Keefe’s was a frequent hangout of the band. They enjoyed classics like the Yuk Burger and the Seven Course Irish Dinner.


When Bill O’Keefe died in 1969, Joe Smith took the reins. O’Keefe’s expanded with a new addition known as the “Cedar Room”. Unfortunately, in January 1971 a truck ran through O’Keefe’s demolishing the side of the building! Luckily, the managers had just closed up minutes before and no one was there. The truck was stopped by the brick pole, taking only a chip out of the side. The pole still stands near the bar today – so take a walk and check it out!


The famous naked lady picture, rumored to be a painting of Bill O’Keefe’s wife, remains hanging in the “Cedar Room.” The painting was torn at her belly button from the crash. But, if you take a closer look you will see a band aid covering her “scar”. The nurses from Morton Plant Hospital gave her the best treatment!


Mr. Smith owned O’Keefe’s for about eleven years and sold it to father and son Tony and Garth DuQuesnay in 1980. The family has owned and operated O’Keefe’s ever since. Sadly, Tony DuQuesnay passed away in 2005. O’Keefe’s is currently operated by Garth, his wife Terri and the next generation, Danielle and Travis DuQuesnay. Tony and Garth took what started as O’Keefe’s small annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebration and grew it into one of the largest private parties in America! Boasting over two tons of corned beef and semi trucks of green beer, the party keeps getting bigger and better!


O’Keefe’s has been a Clearwater landmark for years. The DuQuesnays and dedicated staff are committed to providing everyone with only the best experience. Some of their staff has been here from nearly the beginning! A great example is Chef Mike Lane, who has been creating O’Keefe’s masterpieces and managing the kitchen since 1978.


From the O’Keefe’s staff and DuQuesnay family, we want to give a big thank you to our fantastic and loyal customers! You have made our dreams come true and helped make O’Keefe’s a Clearwater legend.

From traditional Irish plates like corned beef & shepherd’s pie to classic American dishes like New York-style Cheesecake, O’Keefe’s Menu has it all.